The workshop will demonstrate how drone geophysics and machine learning techniques can be effectively used for mineral predictive mapping and exploration targeting. Firstly, you will see novel gravity and electromagnetic sensors integrated into drones, along with use cases and results from Europe and Africa. Secondly, a practical hands-on training session will be provided for exploration geologists on machine learning techniques such as self-organizing maps and artificial neural networks applied to drone geophysics.

The specific topics that will be covered include:

• Drone geophysics using gravity sensors for gravity field measurements

• Drone geophysics using electromagnetic sensors for EM field measurements

• “GisSOM” open-source software for integrating and clustering geospatial data

• “advangeo® 3D” prediction software for integrating 3D geological and geophysical field data

• 3D geophysical inversion algorithm for generating 3D models from processed drone geophysical data

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