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BEAK consultants role in DroneSOM project

advangeo® 3D Prediction is a stand-alone software developed by Beak at TRL5 in the frame of an R&D project supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany. The software is used for prediction modelling tasks based on neural network methods in geoscientific application fields like mineral exploration, geo risk analyses or geothermal purposes. The background of new self-organizing maps module is developed in the H2020 NEXT project, where the open-source freeware nextsomcore was developed by GTK at TRL5.

Beak is developing and commercialising advangeo® Prediction products and services for more than 10 years. advangeo® 2D Prediction provides several machine learning methods and processing tools and is successful used e.g., for mineral potential modelling, geological mapping, soil science applications and geo risk analyses. The implementation of self-organizing maps based on nextsomcore (developed by GTK) in advangeo® 2D Prediction has successfully been completed within the Horizon2020 NEXT project. To work with 3D data, Beak was developing advangeo® 3D Prediction. advangeo® 3D Prediction at TRL5 was successfully tested and validated in the frame of the R&D project which was funding the software development. The testing has shown what tasks must be done to upscale the software to TRL7. In this project, the needs for upscaling coming from the TRL5 testing are fulfilled. More timesaving processing algorithms improved and additional analysis tools, straighter visualization tools as well as more import/export interfaces for a wider user community are developed. The end-user testing will take place parallel to the developing phase to directly consider the end-users remarks and wishes in the developing.

The validation of the upscaled advangeo® 3D Prediction Software with the newly implemented SOM algorithm will be conducted in Germany in the “Erzgebirgsnordrand” area, after initial testing of the drone systems in “Kuusamo” Finland. Furthermore, a demonstration use case will be carried out in “Disko” area in West Greenland, an area of current intensive exploration for base and rare-earth metals.

DroneSOM team members:

Andreas Knobloch
Mr Knobloch is Geologist and is coordinating the activities of Beak Consultants GmbH in WP5.

Ina Storch
Mrs Storch is Geophysicists and is leading the software development activities of Beak Consultants GmbH in DroneSOM with regards to the further development of advangeo® 3D Prediction Software.

Andreas Kempe
Mr Kempe is Biologist, specialised in software development, and is integrating SOM into advangeo®3D Prediction software in the frame of DroneSOM.

Peggy Hielscher
Mrs Hielscher is Geologist and leading and supervising the overall software development of both advangeo® 2D Prediction and advangeo® 3D Prediction software.

Andreas Brosig
Mr Brosig is Geologist and specialised in 3D geological modelling and mineral predictive mapping in 3D using advangeo ® 3D Prediction software.

Nailia Rizatdinova
Mrs Rizatdinova is Geologist and will be testing the newly developed advangeo ® 3D Prediction Software.

Martin Köhler
Mr Köhler is Geologist and is coordinating the activities of Beak Consultants in WP6 and will be leading the field activities of the DroneSOM consortium in the Erzgebirgsnordrand area in Germany.

Enis Sterjo
Mr Sterjo is expert for drone operating and drone data processing. He will be flying the LiDAR and multispectral surveys by Beak in the Erzgebirgsnordrand area and support DTU in the planning of their gravity survey in the same area in Germany.

Roberto de la Rosa
Mr de la Rosa is expert in 3D modeling and integration of hyperspectral data. In DroneSOM, he will be leading the modelling of Erzgebirgsnordrand area using SOM.