Radai is an expert company that offers cutting-edge geophysical measurement services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The company’s headquarters are in Oulu, Finland, which is one of the world’s northernmost technology hubs.

In its efforts to deliver the best quality products to its customers, the company allocates significant resources to improving its service offering and developing new products. Radai has a research and development approach, with more than ¼ of its workforce involved in R&D efforts.

Radai’s role in DroneSOM project

Participation in the DroneSOM project allows the company to develop further and launch into the market a novel electromagnetic measurement system. The EM system indicates anomalies in soil and bedrock conductivity; thus, its main application areas are geological mapping and mineral exploration. The system is versatile, therefore it has the potential to be used in other areas, like oil and gas exploration, precision agriculture, or civil engineering.

As a company that for several years has provided mineral exploration services to major mining companies, Radai has a solid reputation as a service provider and good knowledge about the mining industry in Scandinavia. Radai will use its already established network to promote and commercialize the DroneSOM project results. It will be a win-win situation since the mining sector will get access to novel technologies that will make mineral exploration more precise and eco-friendlier, less expensive, and time-consuming. The companies involved in the project will enlarge their product offering, therefore becoming more competitive in the market.

DroneSOM team members:

Ari Saarenoja

Ari has over 7 years’ experience as a CEO of Radai Ltd, and over 20 years’ experience project management, customer service, technical development, and team management. Ari is a founder of the Radai company. He has been developing new innovative geophysical survey systems for drones since 2012. He graduated from the University of Oulu in 1998 and has a major in Applied Mathematics.

Isabel Ion

Isabela is a multiskilled marketeer with long-term experience in graphic design and production management. Her professional skills cover a wide area, from image processing, web design and social media to market research and business development. At Radai she is responsible for marketing activities, market research and quality control.