One part of the DroneSOM project is to develop a 3D inversion software for commercial use.

The 3D inversion team is developing imaging software that turns large-scale drone electromagnetic, gravity, and magnetic data into 3D electrical conductivity models + density models + magnetization models, combining the existing software tools at GTK. This software is mainly developed by Dr. Longying Xiao and Dr. Cedric Patzer under the supervision of associate professor Jochen Kamm.  It is based on the finite-element method with locally refined octree meshes for modeling and a Gauss-Newton optimization approach for the inverse problem. The code will be optimized for MPI parallelization to be run on large-scale compute clusters.

The first prototype will be available by the end of the year 2023 and further optimization is continuously implemented until the end of the project. It will also serve a great purpose as an educational tool for the training of young geophysics students in universities!