Update on the construction of the low-weight DroneSOM drone made by Danish Fixed Wing company Dines Avitech.

The External shape of the Fuselage Semicoque construction is now completed (fig 1.). The Vertical and Horizontal stabilizers are completed and fitted to the fuselage. The Elevator and Rudder are as well-completed and trial fitted to the stabilizers with hinges.

The Main Gear is made from four pieces of 7075-T6 Aircraft aluminum and it’s riveted together using standard aircraft rivets. The two Wheels are installed on the gear braces with 8mm stainless steel bolts. The Tail Gear is a tree-layer steel-spring design that makes the gear very useable in landings on unpaved surfaces.

Currently, the internal fuselage structure is being fitted with various mounting supports for the IMAR box and all the other needed Onboard equipment for flight. Once all the internal parts are completed, the Landing Gears will be removed, the fuselage and tail sections will be covered with fiberglass/Epoxy and the fuselage will be painted. The Fuselage will also be fitted with a Service Hatch for easy access to the IMAR and other equipment.

The coming weeks will be used for the construction of the wings. The Wingspan is planned for 298 cm and the Wingcord for 42 cm. The Wing Airfoil Profile will be Semisymmetric and quite thick, all to sustain the expected wing loading.

More updates in next upcoming weeks!

The low-weight DroneSOM drone