First happy New Year!

The DroneSom Dronewing is now structurally completed. As seen in the pictures, the Wing is made as a Tree Part Wing construction with Two Mainspars arranged in a Torsion Box design. The 3 Wing Parts are assembled using two Tubular Wing Tubes which enables easy assembly and transport of the wing sections. The smaller Centerwing will be bolted to the Fuselage and acts also as the access panel to install and remove the fairly large IMAR box below the wing inside the Fuselage.

The tree wing sections are held together with four easily installed and removed fittings, and the Outer Wing Sections are prepared for two “Hardpoints” below the wing where we can install various external equipment such as a camera video pod and an independent GPS tracker, etc.

The coming days will be used for the alignment of the wing to the fuselage and thereafter, the process of covering the complete airframe and wing sections with Aero Quality Fiberglass. This process will be completed with the painting of the airframe.