The UAV construction is now finished, the engine has been started and a short test drive was successful. This weekend we will head to Lindtorp airport in central Jutland to make the first flight tests. The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

  • Obtain official approval for the drone construction
  • CG check
  • RC range check
  • Engine test and adjustments
  • Taxi test
  • First test flight without dummy weight
  • Test flight including dummy weight
  • Multiple test flights gradually increasing the dummy weight until a maximum of 25 kg total weight is reached

Some parameters that we need to quantify during the tests are take-off and landing distance, stall speed, cruise speed, max speed, and an evaluation of aerodynamic effects when increasing the weight.

The auto-pilot system has not yet been installed, but will also be tested using another UAV during this weekend. Later this spring it will be installed in the actual UAV.

Hopefully, the weather will allow for excellent flying conditions.